About Independent Choices

Independent Choices was founded in 1978 as the Women’s Centre, later becoming the Women’s Domestic Violence Helpline before changing the service name to the Women’s Domestic Abuse Helpline in 2008. The focus of the services of Independent Choices is the confidential Helpline and the Community Helpline Language Service. On average we receive 5000 incoming contacts a year, increasingly dealing with more complex calls.

Independent Choices Annual Review 2012 2013 (pdf)

Independent Choices Annual Review 2011 2012 (pdf)

End The Fear Website

End the Fear is a website of local domestic abuse services and helplines across Greater Manchester. If you are experiencing domestic or sexual violence you can find help, support and advice there. Support is also provided to people who know someone who may be being abused. End The Fear website is managed and kept up to date by Independent Choices.

End The Fear Website


Media Toolkit

A short information sheet describing Independent Choices, written for the media.

Independent Choices Media Toolkit (pdf)


Publicity posters to download

Download copies of our posters below (pdf) and our Diversity postcard (pdf)


Download a set of 3 A4 posters produced for End the Fear (pdf)

ETF blow the whistle poster
ETF being controlled poster
ETF have you the bottle poster