If you are a company or business, find out how you can support us through Corporate Sponsorship.

Corporate Sponsorship

One off donations
Independent Choices is grateful for all fundraising donations, however small, we can help to turn these donations into informed, supportive and safe services for women and their dependents experiencing domestic abuse. To donate visit our Virgin Money Giving page.

Virgin Money Giving

Regular donations
Show ongoing support to Independent Choices. Regular donations help ensure women accessing our services are aware of their rights and choices regarding domestic abuse situations. Our services have been running for over thirty years and we have a long history of using our resources to help those most in need. If you are interested in making a regular donation to support our work please contact us. It is simple to set up a direct debit and we can assist you to do this. Regular donors will receive organisational update information and invitations to relevant events.

Fundraising activities and sponsorship
You can fundraise for us or collect sponsorship for an event you have organised by using our Virgin Money Giving page. We also have a Fundraising and Marketing Group who are looking for new members (see Volunteers page).

What will your money support?
Some approximate costs of our activities:

  • Responding to one call to our confidential helpline – £20
  • One hours training on the Women’s Domestic Abuse Helpline – £54
  • Helpline Volunteers training file – £20
  • One hours training for a person who directly supports women in domestic abuse situations – £32
  • 100 leaflets to inform women of their options around domestic abuse – £10
  • 100 domestic abuse posters – £25
  • One women attending a specialist domestic abuse seminar – £45

Leaving a Legacy
Making a Will is an important as it ensures our loved ones are provided for and safe. It can also be a way to leave a lasting legacy with a cause that you feel is worthy. By remembering Independent Choices in your Will you will be making a lasting contribution to ensure that women and their dependents receive safe services and that their rights are protected. Your legacy donation will ensure those suffering domestic abuse will have greater choices and support. There are various types of legacy all of which are exempt from inheritance tax; to find out more please contact us.

Corporate Sponsorship