What is Economic Abuse?

Economic Abuse Wheel (pdf)

Economic abuse of women falls into four categories:

1. Interfering with education and employment

  • Preventing you getting a job or making you lose your job
  • Not letting you attend further/higher education courses
  • Preventing you from learning English
  • Not working themselves but making you work long hours
  • Harassing you at your workplace

2. Controlling access to economic resources

  • Making you account for every penny
  • Denying access to finances
  • Not allowing you to have a bank account
  • Withholding information on the household finances/benefits
  • Demanding your wages/benefits
  • Not permitting you to spend available funds on yourself or children

3. Refusing to contribute

  • Putting all the bills/debt in your name
  • Refusing to contribute to household bills/joint debts/the cost of bringing up children
  • Making you use any savings on keeping the household going

4. Generating economic costs

  • Denying sufficient housekeeping
  • Spending money meant for the household on himself
  • Destroying your clothes and other belongings
  • Making you take out loans/credit cards in your name
Domestic Abuse Safety Plan for Women (pdf)

Economic/financial abuse can have serious and long term effects on women and children experiencing it. Women and children can become trapped in a cycle of poverty, they can experience physical and psychological ill health, isolation and feeling that they cannott escape from the abusive relationship. See the Safety Plan for links to help on financial issues.

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